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So i got bored


And was trying to get my brain working.




I decided to have fun with this thing I did a while back and just make a dumb thing with it. XD For still icons look below the under line to keep it from being long.

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Have some Bunnies and Bents. 

inspired by chiicharron

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I blame team-cacd senpai for this
Senpai is to blame

It’s hard to do nice sketches with only a pen

I did no such thing. XP

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team-cacd asked: Headcannon: big sister Aine likes to dress up small girls like Rhode or C.B. Because it's cute and fun.


Excuse the shitty sketches but THIS IS PURE FACT

if you are petite and cute and a doll then Aine desperately wants to put you in cute clothes and frills and anything else [Rhode has her own style but let Aine give her a flower headband]

My god does she get them aul Lady Boners

Aine wishes she was smaller and could fit into cuter, more feminine things. Aine’s own style tends to be either white and cream colored dresses. God help her if she has a daughter. 

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Contest entry for thanhnufia's Fan art contest. 83

The animated gif on the top is my entry. the rest after it is the many versions of it.

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Art trade for crazyfoxmimi/ mimi19art

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Aaaand Team Wukong is done~!

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 Title: Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)
 Artist: Celia Pavey
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holy shit

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Banana peel wet floor signs

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robocandi asked: hiya! Wanted to ask if you were ever up to art-trades currently or in the future! Really love your style and you have a really great sense of humor! (That and you've been feeding my obsession over Sun that was started by my RP partner (wukongwarrior) )



The idea of an art trade is really exciting, and I would love to say “yes!!” but I’m not sure if I can commit to one right now. I have to do commissions, that palette meme thing, and I have trouble getting motivated to do art in general, and I really don’t want to disappoint you by taking an EXTREMELY long time to get to my half of the trade.

It doesn’t show but it requires a lot of energy for me to muster stamina for art… unless I’ve had caffeine. Or I’m livestreaming!

But yeah… my temporary answer is no. I hope that can change soon!

That’s cool dear. Either way, it’s cool whenever you post stuff so that’s a treat enough for me. ^^ 

And As an artist myself I can totally understand. other things take priority and all. XD

So good luck with that and take it easy! and I look forward to seeing more art from you! 

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