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This is by far the easiest one I’ve ever seen.

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My first giveaway on tumblr *c*

You can win one messenger bag from the ones available in BlueRobotto’s shop (Check out the shop for more pics and the description of each bag)


1 person will be randomly selected as winner from the notes in this post.  The winner will chose 1 bag from the ones available and it will be sent to them without charge.

If this post gets more than 500 notes 2 winners will be chosen.

If this post gets more than 1000 notes 3 winners will be chosen.

How to participate:

Things to consider:

The givaway will end on saturday september 20th, at 10:00 PM Central America time.

Good luck to everyone who participates :D

You can also contact BlueRobotto on twitter @bluerobotto if you want to ask anything.

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Confused husky pup

He’s not expressing confusion, he’s tilting his head for better sound localization. While having an ear on each side of the head is good for lateral echolocation, tilting the head so that the ears are offset gives it vertical depth.


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"Oh boy Oh boy, we got a call! Let’s roll, partner!"

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Man, I can’t wait for these to come out.

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Silent Hills

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The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker Characters : Laruto
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Replenished by WesTalbott

Please do not remove the source. Thank you.
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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Gareth Pugh prêt-à-porter | S/S ‘13

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